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"Mood Indigo" - Hilary Gardner quintet demo.
Robert Puff, Clarinet.
"Fall On Me Like Rain", from the
Dave Irish album "What Matters Most". Robert Puff, Soprano Sax.
"Lamb of God", from the Len Mink album "Redemption".
Orchestral arrangement by Jerry Cleveland. Robert Puff, Tinwhistle.
"The Girl From Ipanema" -
Fred Schactler Band Demo. Robert Puff, Flute.
"So What" -
Fred Schactler Band Demo. Robert Puff, Alto Sax.

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I play alto sax in Seattle's Magnolia Band, an 18-piece big band which rehearses in the Magnolia area of Seattle once a week.
I also record and perform live with various jazz, blues and pop groups in the Seattle area.

Robert performing with the Scott Lindenmuth Quartet

Robert Puff & Lindy Berger
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A Blast From the Past: performing with "Hot Grease" circa 1973.
(left to right) Robert Puff, Lindy Berger,
Becky Dawson, Leo Munson, Lori Yarnell

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Outdoor concert, mid 1970's
Scott Lindenmuth, Guitar & Robert Puff, Alto Sax