JW Plugins for Finale 64 bit Mac (and Windows) Released

3/16/17 A number of long-awaited plugins from Jari Williamsson are now available in 64 bit versions for Finale 25 or later on Mac:

JW Accidentals, v1.11
JW Category Sorter, v1.01
JW Change Pitches, v1.08
JW Copy Part Layout, v1.04
JW Expand Region, v2.02
JW Grace Note Slash, v1.03
JW Instrument Change, v1.05
JW Live Sync, v1.02
JW Measure Numbers, v1.06
JW Meter and Rhythm, v1.14
JW Navigate, v1.10
JW Note Spacing, v1.02
JW Pattern, v1.10
JW Space Empty Rests, v1.06
JW Staff Polyphony, v1.12
JW Staff Set Panel, v1.02
JW Topline Notation, v1.07

Finale 25+ Mac plug-ins download page:

(At the top of the page are install instructions)

In addition, these 10 plug-ins for Finale 25 are now available for both Windows and Mac:

JW Conceal Barlines, v1.02
JW Default Tuplets, v1.02
JW Indent System, v1.03
JW New Piece, v1.03
JW Note Ends, v1.02
JW Pattern Copy, v1.05
JW Rhythm Copy, v1.05
JW Split Groups, v1.02
JW Staff Pitches, v1.02
JW Tie, v1.03

Finale 25+ Windows plug-ins download page:

Finale 2+ /Mac plug-ins download page:

8 Replies to “JW Plugins for Finale 64 bit Mac (and Windows) Released”

  1. Greetings – I’ve loaded up the new Plugins for Finale 25 on my MacBook Pro (OS 10.13.5) but the only one that appears is JW Change. I tried a re-download using the zip link, same result. I’ve restarted Finale, restarted the computer, and still no result. Ideas?


    1. Hi Gary – the only thing that comes to mind is that you may have downloaded the pre-Finale 25 versions of the plugins which are 32 bit and these are incompatible with the 64 bit versions required for Finale 25.

      64bit MAC VERSIONS https://goo.gl/Jxvrx7

    1. Yes! Absolutely. The version numbers of these may be more recent, but the 64 bit versions of the plugins work with Finale v26. Thank you.

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