Announcing a new OF NOTE series – Dorico Tutorials by Anthony Hughes

If you are a music notation aficionado as I am, you’ve no doubt heard about Steinberg’s new music notation / score writer software, Dorico.

I’ve really been enjoying the series of video tutorials by Anthony Hughes on the official Dorico Youtube channel. As an early adopter of¬†Dorico, I think Anthony has done a great job of breaking down Dorico’s user interface, key concepts and features of Dorico in a clear, easy to understand way for what is now over 50 video tutorials as of this writing,

To help me ramp up more quickly, and retain Dorico’s terminology and workflow, I’ve been taking ¬†written notes when watching these videos.

Recently, the thought occurred to me that others might also benefit from these tutorials in written form; the transcribed contents of Anthony’s tutorials with some example pictures would be a useful ¬†ancillary to Dorico’s official Youtube channel and a cool series for OF NOTE.

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Is Music Preparation Part of Your Required Curriculum for College?

I recently heard from my old friend and colleague Sean McMahon.  He and I go way back; we worked together on more than a few hectic feature film score schedules back in the day.  Sean is currently on the faculty at Berkelee College of Music in Boston, and wanted to get my perspective on music preparation at the college level. I thought I would share our correspondence here.

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Dorico Music Notation Scoring Program 2016 Launch Event


If you work with music notation, no doubt by now, you are aware of Steinberg’s new notation program, called Dorico.

On October 18, 2016, Steinberg will be holding their launch event for Dorico at Bush Hall in London. The event will be live streamed via Dorico’s Youtube channel and on Steinberg’s Facebook page.

Live stream date and time

PDT – Oct 18, 11:30 AM (Los Angeles)
EDT – Oct 18, 2:30 PM (New York)
BST – Oct 18, 7:30 PM (London)
CEST- Oct 18, 8:30 PM (Berlin)
SAST – Oct 18, 8:30 PM (Cape Town)
CST – Oct 19, 2:30 AM (Beijing)
JST – Oct 19, 3:30 AM (Tokyo)
AEDT – Oct 19, 5:30 AM (Sydney)

The Dorico notation program will be available for sale from October 19th. A complete features list is available in PDF form here.