Changing beam groupings in Sibelius

Q: How can I change the default beam grouping in Sibelius? Specifically, I would like to have the 8ths in the time signature 4/4 be displayed in groups of 2 instead of 4.

A: Option 1:

Change the default beam grouping for a certain passage: select the passage and select Beam Groups in the Reset Notes group of the Appearance tab.

In the following dialog you can now change the preset from 4,4 for the 8ths to 2,2,2,2.

Option 2:

Choose the default beam grouping when creating a time signature: select More Options at the bottom of the Time Signature gallery.

In the subsequent dialog, after having chosen the time signature, select Beam and Rest Groups…

Now you are shown the dialog Reset Beam Groups, where you can choose the grouping you would like to have as a preset.

A German version of this post („Balken neu gruppieren”) is available here.

Karin Vadon is a classically trained musician, singer-songwriter and music copyist from Vienna, Austria who authors a german-language music notation blog for Sibelius and Dorico users.

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  1. I am copying this piece of music. It is in 4/4. This particular bar has the first beat as a crotchet and the next 3 beats form a tremolo of two dotted minims (2 A’s an octave apart) beamed across. The tremolos suggest semiquaver notes. How do I write this in Sibelius? When I try all I get is one dotted minim with two strokes across the stem.

    1. I once wrote a blog article on how to create tremolos, but it is in German. I think I should consider an english version for Roberts site, but for now, let’s try this one with some additional english explanations:

      1. Write the tremolo notes as „normal ones“ with equal duration, so that they fill the space you have for the tremolo, in your case: two dotted crotchets.
      2. Select the first one and klick the tremolo-button on the keypad.
      > Sibelius automatically changes that to the common way of notating the tremolo, as two dotted minims.
      3. Choose the amount of beams you wish to have, just as you would for a single tremolo-note.

      To change the appearance of the tremolo, go to Notes and Tremolos in the Engraving Rules (Appearance > House Style).

      I hope, this was helpful,
      best wishes,

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