Controlling Page Number Visibility in Sibelius

Q: Can I delete or hide the page numbers Sibelius creates by default?

A: Page numbers in Sibelius are a special type of Text Style which cannot be selected directly.

As such, they cannot be hidden or removed in the “normal” way, e.g. selected and deleted like other “System”text  – for example, Tempo mark or a regular Header or Footer. (You might wish to hide page numbers when creating a worksheet, for example.)

They can easily be hidden, however. In Sibelius 7 and later, choose “Page Number Change” in the Numbering group of the Text tab and then select “Hide page numbers”:

In Sibelius 6, this dialog is found in Create > Other > Page Number Change.

A German version of this post („Seitenzahlen ausblenden”) is available here.

Karin Vadon is a classically trained musician, singer-songwriter and music copyist from Vienna, Austria who authors a german-language music notation blog for Sibelius and Dorico users.

2 Replies to “Controlling Page Number Visibility in Sibelius”

  1. Hi, I have a score on Sibelius I want the page numbers to go
    N/A (Title page) – 1 – 3 – 4 – 5 – ect.

    For some reason only the main score will do what I want however, the individual instrument parts’ page numbers won’t change no matter how I apply the numbers.

    Originally I was trying to hide the page numbers but when I tried that the numbering was even worse. One part had all the page numbers apart from page 3 visible, and all the other parts’ page numbers just wouldn’t disappear or change no matter what I did…

    If I can’t get this to work at the very least can you help me change the header magics so the page number is off the screen ehehe

    1. Hi Tiffany – this is indeed possible, but you have to control the parts separately from the score if indeed you want page numbers of some sequence.

      Typically the page number on the title page of music is hidden, then the next page number will be sequential. To change that (e.g. to “3”) Select Page Number change in the Text Tab and when the Page Number Change dialog opens, type 3 into the new page number field.

      Now, click on page 2 of the score and the number will update. Go into each part and do the same thing. This is only required where the numbers are not sequential. Hope that helps!

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