Creating Instrument Changes in Dorico | Setup Mode

🎬  This article is a transcription of one of the excellent video tutorials posted to the official Dorico YouTube channel.

Presented here in written form with the kind permission of its creator, Anthony Hughes, this tutorial is titled “Creating Instrument Changes in Dorico”…

Hi, my name is Anthony Hughes. I will be showing you how to create instrument changes by giving more instruments to a single player here in Steinberg’s new music notation software, Dorico.

Now, a really powerful concept used in Dorico is the idea that you think of the real, live human musicians that are eventually going to be performing your music and then you give them the instruments that they need to do that.

I have a project open that has two players added; a flute player and a piccolo player.

I’m in Setup mode and I’m currently showing the music in Galley view, which always shows all instrumental staves in the flow, in a long continuous view.

If I click this little arrow, then it expands the player card to show the instruments available to this player.

Because this is a solo player, if I click this plus sign then I can add a another instrument to the player. I could also press Shift+I to get this popover.

Let’s select an Alto Flute.

You can see that this player is now holding those two instruments.

I’m just going to undo that change for now, which I can do by pressing Ctrl+Z on Windows, that’s Cmd+Z on Mac, because I have a Piccolo part here already and both that and the Flute part could be performed by the same player.

I can give the Piccolo to the Flute player by clicking on the button to expand the Piccolo player card, then simply dragging the Piccolo instrument up to the Flute.

Now this player is holding both the Piccolo and the Flute and their name has automatically updated to reflect that.

Now as I mentioned earlier, we’re in Galley view at the moment, which always shows us every instrumental stave. And we’re looking at the Full Score layout.

So if I click on the layout selector on the toolbar here and choose the Flute & Piccolo part layout which will be in Page view by default, then you will notice that Dorico is automatically handling the instrument change for us, including the correct instrument name change labels.

So it’s as simple as that. You give a Solo Player as many instruments as you would like him or her play, input their music on the separate staves in Galley view and then switch to Page view to witness the magic and wonder as Dorico automatically lays the music out for you complete with instrument changes.

I hope this has been helpful. Please subscribe to the Dorico Youtube channel to see more videos like this. I’m Anthony Hughes, thanks for watching.


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