Finale 2012b Update Released Today – June 26, 2012

MakeMusic released the update to Finale 2012b today, which includes several new features:

  1. Range Checking. Finale now alerts you when notes are outside of an instrument’s range.
  2. Automatic Transposition while Copying. Music is now pasted into the most appropriate octave when copied between instruments of different registers. Also, music is transposed into the most appropriate register when changing instruments with the ScoreManager.
  3. Accessible Text Inserts. You no longer need to venture into a dialog box to edit text inserts. You can now edit them directly in the score like a regular text box. When you do so, the text insert’s definition is updated respectively.
  4. SVG Graphic Export. You can now export Scaled Vector Graphics from Finale.
  5. EPUB Export. You can now export EPUB files from Finale for viewing on mobile readers.
  6. New Finale Lyrics Font. This font improves lyric spacing, and is the new default for scores created with the Document Setup Wizard.
  7. Automatic Font Annotation. Finale can now automatically generate Font Annotation Files to accommodate files with 3rd-party music fonts.
  8. New Aria Player. Finale includes the latest Aria Player from Garritan.


There have been some interface changes since the release of Finale 2012:

  • “Program Options” have been renamed “Preferences.” To access the Preferences, choose Finale 2012 > Preferences.
  • The File menu has been reorganized. Several File menu commands have been moved into new Import and Export submenus, as well as new commands added to 2012b. See “File menu” in the User Manual for details.
  • Undefined text inserts appear gray and do not print. Undefined text inserts, such as those that appear in the first page header after finishing the Setup Wizard, are now gray in color, indicating they will not print. You can update these inserts directly in the score using the Text tool. See “Text Inserts” in the User Manual for details.
  • Staff Styles now (again) support staff transpositions. The ability to include staff transpositions in Staff Styles has been restored (allowing Staff Styles to be an alternative method for creating mid-score instrument changes). See “Staff Styles dialog box” in the User Manual for details.


Finale 2012b also includes a number of bug fixes, including:

  • Audio – Audio files saved using Vienna Symphonic Library (VSL) no longer stutter.
  • Fonts – (1) The missing Seville font has been added to MacSymbolfonts.txt. (2) Problems with results from Change Chord Suffix Fonts have been resolved. (3) The Font menu now reports all missing fonts correctly.
  • Inserting – Inserting stacks no longer cause a crash when Automatic Update Layout is unchecked.
  • Keyswitches – (1) Expressions with keyswitches are now correctly chased during playback when Chase from First Measure is selected in the Playback/Record Options dialog box. (2) JABB (Garritan Jazz and Big Band) trumpets and trombones now respect keyswitch commands for all muted sounds.
  • Preferences– Folders – Finale no longer defaults to the MacOS folder if the specified folder is missing.
  • Staves – Problems deleting multiple staves in Scroll View have been resolved.


If you have been thinking of purchasing the Finale 2012 update, now might be a good time.
Makemusic’s upgrade sale price of $99 has been extended through July 9th, 2012.

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  1. Here is a comprehensive list of the bug fixes in Finale 2012B

    • For multiple keyswitching instruments, only one instrument will now get the keyswitch commands for pizz and arco: Win only
    • Switching specific Page Views then selecting ghost handles no longer crashes Finale
    • Spotlight: no longer crashes frequently
    • Partial measure copied between Bari Sax and other instruments no longer fails to transpose to the appropriate octave
    • Key Switch expressions now conform to Chase behavior
    • Editing ‘Score/Part Name’ insert no longer deletes Text Block
    • MusicXML: Export of Microtonal Notation accidentals fix in full Dolet plug-in
    • MusicXML: Export of word extension type attribute fix in full Dolet plug-in
    • MusicXML: Export of time-relation element fix in full Dolet plug-in
    • MusicXML: Export of system dividers fix in full Dolet plug-in
    • MusicXML: Export and import of AlphaNotes notehead text fix in full Dolet plug-in
    • MusicXML: Import of sub-bass clef fix in full Dolet plug-in
    • Mac: Globe Palettes highlighting now resets properly
    • MusicXML: Instruments added in 2012a and 2012b now supported
    • MusicXML: Chord symbols / fretboards hidden in staff style no longer exported as visible
    • MusicXML: Part name/abbreviation initial font name now exported
    • MusicXML: Chord alteration font size now set correctly during import
    • MusicXML: Back-to-back repeat styles now supported
    • MusicXML: Ending separate placements now exported
    • MusicXML: Page-attached text exported now has accurate measure/staff assignment
    • MusicXML: Setting first fret now exports open strings correctly
    • MusicXML: Score expressions with hidden assignment now export playback
    • MusicXML: Import error when using pound replace in text repeats fixed
    • MusicXML: 100% size no longer the cutoff for cue/large note sizes
    • MusicXML: Backward repeat targets that do not match forward repeat fixed
    • MusicXML: Private Windows JVM no longer out of date
    • MusicXML: Export supports MuseGraph’s Maestro-compatible fonts
    • MusicXML: Import no longer fails when a part has a too-high staff number
    • MusicXML: Export no longer fails when staves do not have instruments
    • Missing font issues in documents corrected
    • Unused expressions can now be deleted in Expression Selection dialog w/o “in use” warning
    • Default staff setting for tab staves has “break tablature line for numbers” now checked
    • Seville added to MacSymbolFonts.txt
    • It is now possible to delete multiple staves at once in Scroll View – Previously, Finale deleted only the top staff of the multiple staves selected.
    • Crash on Insert Measure Stack no longer occurs
    • Double-clicking on the device in the Score Manager no longer changes other settings in the row
    • Staff Styles copied to other staves now appear in Linked Part
    • Change Chord Suffix Fonts no longer creates erroneous results
    • Mac: EastWest Play version 3 now works in Finale 2012 (Audio Output)
    • mdimporter no longer crashes Finale 2012
    • Change font in Font Utilities now changes chord suffixes correctly
    • JABB Trumpets and Trombones now respect keyswtich commands for muted sounds.
    • Unplugging your MIDI interface or device while Finale is running no longer creates a warning that cannot be dismissed.
    • Win: Export PDF dialog now automatically sets file name
    • Program Options-Folders no longer defaults to the MacOS folder inside the app if the specified folder is missing

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