Finale 25.3 Maintenance Release Now Available

3/30/17 MakeMusic today announced on their blog the release of Finale 25.3, a free maintenance update to owners of Finale 25.

While the focus of the release is largely on bug fixes, there are a few nice additions:

The Simple Entry cursor shows the currently active layer – useful visual feedback to keep you oriented when working in Layers.

There is an additional control in the Smart Shape Options dialog box for hairpins: The opening width of long and short dynamic hairpin shapes are now independent from one another.

A Symbol button for musical symbols has been added to the Symbol List dialog box. (It’s easier to use Unicode musical symbols as accidentals in nonstandard key signatures with this addition).

MusicXML import and export continues to mature. A new “Restrict MusicXML formatting” option allows you to import a MusicXML file into a Finale template without overriding formatting options within the Finale file. MusicXML Export now supports nonstandard key signatures more fully.

One Mac, Finder and Spotlight support has been improved. You can now search through your Finale files by Title, Composer, Copyright, Description, Time Signature, Key Signature, Lyricist, Pages, Page Width, Page Height, Content Creator, Duration, Fonts, Default Music Font, Arranger, Subtitle, Staves, Parts, Instruments, and Tempo.

For a complete list of bug fixes and other information, be sure to read the MakeMusic article.

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    1. Ha! Good to know people are actually reading the blog, Art! Thank you. I’ll try to post something soon on the Sibelius side…


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