Finale 25 plugin : JW Yada Yada Tremolo (v2)

see also: Finale Plugin: Yada Tremolo version 2.01

Finale users finally have access to this great productivity tool (again) in Finale 25 with the release of a new, 64 bit version of Jari Williamsson’s “Yada Yada Tremolo” plugin.

The new version of the plugin features a number of improvements.

In Yada Yada Tremolo v.2, any music font that contains a tremolo character is supported (including SMuFL/Unicode fonts). There are also newly added controls for positioning.

Version 2 of JW Yada Yada Tremolo is only available for Finale 25 and later.

You can use different modes to support various articulation mapping of the symbols. The “Legacy Limited” mode supports Single Tremolo Slash, Double Tremolo Slash and Triple Tremolo Slash.  The “Legacy Full” map supports a Buzz Roll as well as the Single, Double and Triple Slashes. With the SMuFL mapping, Penderecki and Wieniawski Unmeasured Tremolo symbols are also supported.

Note: The plug-in will currently only process articulations whos definitions are set to Always on Stem Side. Always Place Outside Staff must also be off.

You can add, edit and sort any music font with a tremolo character to the Tremolo Fonts list, and for each font, control a number of attributes about the tremolo mapping type, position, stem length, size and so forth.

Measurements in the Tremolo Options dialog box follow your selected measurement unit in Finale (e.g. if you are using Spaces for measurement, the dialog will show spaces.)

According to the developer Wiki page, there are still a few known limitations to be aware of.

  • Flags that use a different positioning system than Finale’s “standard fonts” will cause incorrect tremolo placement. (Bravura flags will cause this to happen.)
  • Percussion notation is currently not supported.
  • The plug-in runs slowly at the moment. Recommendation is to use it on specific regions where you want to change the tremolos, rather than the full piece.

Download link for Windows/Finale 25

Download link for Mac/Finale 25


8 Replies to “Finale 25 plugin : JW Yada Yada Tremolo (v2)”

  1. Robert,
    I downloaded this yada yada tremolos plugins and dropped the bundle into the plugin folders inside Makemusic. I am not able to open this plugin. I followed exactly the instruction listed on the page. Do you have any idea what can go wrong?

    1. Hi Colin,

      You don’t say whether you are on Mac or Windows, but if you are sure the plugins are in the correct location for your OS, a couple of obvious checks would be (1) Make sure you have the 64 bit version of the plugin for Finale 25+ for your OS and (2) once installed, restart your computer and they should show up.

      I hope that helps! If still no luck, you might contact MakeMusic tech support.


      1. Robert,
        My apologies. I meant to say Mac. I downloaded the bundle in a older version link somehow. I just redownloaded in the link you provided and it works now. Many thanks.


  2. Hi Robert

    I’ve been trying to tweak the settings for this plugin, but I haven’t been able to get it to behave like it did in v14.5

    Have you had any luck with any good settings options?

    (I’m on Mac, trying to use Maestro font)

    1. Hi Mike –

      I notice that the placement is a bit different now from earlier versions with the Maestro version, but I haven’t actually spent any time tweaking anything. You may want to contact Jari Williamson directly to see about the possibility of incorporating the old placement settings somehow as an option for users who might prefer this. Good luck and if you learn something more on this topic, please post a follow up. Thanks.


  3. Hi Robert! I haven’t seen you in ages. I finally upgraded to Finale v25 for mac, I was on 2012 forever. I have fallen in love with the Yada Yada tremelo plugin for Finale 2012.. But, I can’t get it to work correctly in v25. For example if you have a chord it isn’t moving the trems at all. It is just ignoring the command and staying exactly where it was placed (Which is on top of the chord.) Any ideas?

  4. Aah! I may have solved it myself.. My trem articulation was not set to “always on stem side” . I changed that, and got it to work.

    1. Hi Stephen – good to hear you got it working. The 64 bit version of the plugin is a complete rewrite, so some things may work a bit differently.

      The new version has a companion plugin, called JW Yada Tremolo Settings… There is a popup menu there to choose the amount the stem actually lifts. You can choose “minimum amount”, “1/2 space”, or “1 whole space” – experimenting with this may solve problems for some people.

      The Scoring Notes blog has an article on this plugin with some more detailed information which may help as well:

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