Finale and Free Technical Support

MakeMusic today announced a change to their technical support policy for Finale, which will go into effect later this summer. This change only affects customers who have not upgraded since Finale 2009.  The statement reads:

“MakeMusic, Inc. has a long tradition of providing free technical support for our Finale® customers. In a world where most software companies charge for technical support, MakeMusic is committed to offering free personalized support to its customers. To do so, it’s necessary to limit support of older software versions.

As of August 15, 2012, MakeMusic will no longer provide phone or case support for Finale 2009 and earlier versions. Users of Finale 2009 and older products will still be able to authorize their software, search for answers to frequently asked questions, and use other self-service resources online. The change is only with phone and case support.

MakeMusic will continue to offer free phone and case support for Finale 2012 AND two previous versions Finale 2011 and Finale 2010.”

Read MakeMusic’s support policy here.

Avid currently charges $100 per year for Sibelius Support.

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