Finale tip : Use Layers to highlight specific noteheads

Q: I’m creating instructional handouts for students in Finale. Is there a way to color / highlight specific noteheads? Here’s an example, where I’m trying to show the student how to follow the movement of a voice on one string through a series of drop-2 inversions – it would be cool to have the other 3 noteheads “grayed out”.

A: Yes, for examples like the above, you can do this very easily in Finale with Layers. Enter the moving voice you want the students to follow in Layer 1. Now, go into Program Preferences > Display Options and change the color of Layer 2 to be whatever lighter shade of gray you want these to appear:

The remaining chord notes in Layer 2 will appear as “background”:

(For this type of example, you may also want to change the Display Color of your Smart Shape arrows to black)

Finally, when you are printing your handouts, be sure to check Print : Display colors in Finale’s print dialog:


That’s all there is to it!


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