How to Display Projects Using a Handwritten Style in Dorico Pro | Getting Started with Dorico 2

🎬  This article is a transcription of one of the excellent tutorial videos posted to the official Dorico YouTube channel.

Presented here in written form with the kind permission of its creator, Anthony Hughes, this tutorial is titled “How to Display your projects using a handwritten Style in Dorico Pro 2″…

Hello, I’m Anthony Hughes and in this video, I’d like to show you how to display your projects using a handwritten music font in Dorico Pro 2, the advanced music notation software from Steinberg.

About Petaluma

Dorico 2 ships with a new handwritten music font family called Petaluma, which is loosely based on the hand copying style of a popular series of books containing jazz standards.

(Perhaps not coincidentally, Petaluma, CA is the home of Sher Publications and the New Real Book series of jazz standards.)

The Petaluma family consists of three fonts:  Petaluma is the main font used for all of the musical symbols in the score;

Petaluma Text is used for musical symbols drawn in text-like items such as metronome marks, chord symbols, dynamics, and so on;

and Petaluma Script is a script font suitable for use in all other text in the score.

Change Music Font

To use Petaluma in your Dorico project, switch to Engrave mode, and from the Engrave menu choose the top item: Music Fonts.

Select Petaluma, and click OK.

All items in the score are automatically changed to the relevant font and certain engraving options are set that supplement the overall look and feel of handwritten music.

Default Text Font

This will also set the default text font for the project to Petaluma Script. If you would rather use a different text font, then you can set that in Engrave mode; firstly by choosing Font Styles from the Engrave menu

and editing the Default Text Font style,

and also opening Paragraph Styles

and editing the Default Text style.

… I’m Anthony Hughes, thanks for watching.

I very much hope you’ve found this video transcription to be helpful. If you have, please subscribe to OF NOTE and follow me on for ongoing music notation news and info. And don’t forget to subscribe to the excellent Dorico YouTube channel to see many more videos like this one. ~robert puff

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