How to Fit Larger Ensembles on the Page in Dorico | Setup Mode

🎬  This article is a transcription of one of the excellent tutorial videos posted to the official Dorico YouTube channel.

Presented here in written form with the kind permission of its creator, Anthony Hughes, this tutorial is titled “How to Fit Larger Ensembles on the Page in Dorico”…

Hi, my name is Anthony Hughes. In this video I will be showing you how to set the page size and staff size for a layout in Steinberg’s new music notation software, Dorico.

I’ve just started a new project in Dorico and I’ve added all the players I need for my orchestra. The only problem is, that I have so many players added that there isn’t enough room for them on the page, and you can see that they have all bunched up and are drawing on top of each other.

I can fix this really easily in Dorico so that the music in this Full Score layout looks exactly how I want it to look. And because it is something specific to this layout that I want to change, then I need to use the Layout Options.

I’m in Setup mode and I have the Full Score layout selected. When I click this button at the bottom of the Layouts panel here,

this opens the Layout Options for the Full Score.

I can change what I’m setting the options for by choosing a different layout in the sidebar here, and I can even make a multiple selection by holding down the Ctrl key on Windows (Cmd on Mac) while I click so that I can set options for multiple layouts at once.

I can also select all instrumental parts at once by clicking this button.

I’ll choose the Full Score layout again.

There are different categories of options that you can modify, and you choose those from this popup control,

… but it’s Page Setup that we want, so I’ll leave it on that.

Because this is a full orchestral score layout, the first thing we are going to want to change is the page size, which here is set to A4 by default. There are several standard paper sizes available that are used for various different types of music, but if you don’t see the one you’re after, then you can always set it manually using these width and height controls.

We need a larger a page size, so I’m going to select A3, and click Apply at the bottom at the bottom of the dialog.

If we move the dialog to one side we can see that while this has certainly helped, the clefs are still touching and once we start adding music then there definitely won’t be enough room.

We need this next section in the Layout Options, which is for setting the Space Size.

In music engraving, the sizes of items in the score are calculated relative to the size of the space between two lines on a standard musical stave. So if we reduce the space size, then that will make all of the objects in the score smaller.

I’m going to reduce this down to 4pt.

Click Apply and close the dialog.

There’s now more space between the staves and I’m ready to start inputting my music.

I hope this has been helpful. Please subscribe to the official Dorico YouTube channel to see more videos like this. I’m Anthony Hughes, thanks for watching.


Wie man in Dorico größere Ensembles auf der Seite unterbringt | Einrichtung-Modus

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