iPad Sibelius Wizard : Control Surface for Sibelius

If you are a Sibelius 7 user who also owns an iPad, you’ll want to check this out:

The iPad Sibelius® Wizard control surface allows you to instantly create and filter favourite Text, Lines, Voices, Plugins and other hard to remember keyboard shortcuts. Created by composer Derek Williams, this multi-page custom keypad specifically designed for Sibelius 7 works in conjunction with the $3.99 Custom Keypad app by iOS Pro Apps.  Features include:

Expression Text

  • Dynamics including ppp thru fff, cresc. dim.

Technique Text

  • Ensemble, Brass, Strings

Lyrics Text

  • Above and below staff
  • Lyric lines 2, 3, 4
  • 6 Lyrics plugins
  • Export, Import and Align Lyrics plug-ins

Tempo and Metronome Text

  • All Sibelius standard directions, pasted with a single tap


  • Standard and Custom trills above and below with accidentals and without extensions
  • Add Bars, Repeat bars, Repeat signs, Capo and Segno
  • crescendo and decrescendo below and above staff
  • pedal with and without extension, including pedal up
  • una corda and tre corde pedal directions
  • 8va, 8vb, 15ma, 15mb
  • join two notes with Add Line Between Notes plug-in

Call up functions by name, including:

  • Tuplets and 6 popular tuplet plug-ins
  • Advanced Filter, and Filters for:
    • Voices 1-4
    • Players 1&2
    • 6 Text Types
    • Line Types
    • Notes & Rests
    • Select any notes in any position in any chord
  • Set Voices 1-4
  • Common, useful Plug-ins
  • Add/Delete/Change Instruments

Navigation, Zoom and Transport:

  • Control Sibelius remotely with your iPad including:
    • Panorama and Zoom
    • Full transport functions Play, Record, Rewind, FF
    • Built in wireless Trackpad that replicates Mac Trackpad and includes Swipe for paging, and Pinch to control Zoom
  • Mixer, File and Edit menu shortcuts
  • Full Ribbon control for all Tabs and Sub-options
iPad Shortcuts
iPad Shortcuts Page


iPad Navigation
iPad Navigation Page


iPad Help
iPad Help Page

Currently, the product works with Sibelius 7 running on Mac OS 10.6 or greater, with Windows compatibility expected shortly. For more information, visit Derek William’s website, and the thread on the Sibelius Help Center.

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