JW Meter & Rhythm Plugin for Finale

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If you are a composer or arranger, whether you are working in Finale 26, or still working in Finale 2010, you’ll want to download Jari Williamsson’s plugin called JW Meter & Rhythm:

The plugin is packed with features related to metric changes, organized into 4 different master categories:

  1. Relative Meter Change
  2. Compound Time
  3. Transform to Contents
  4. Rhythm Transformation

The Relative Meter category of the plugin allows you to quickly double or half the meter in the the selected bars. Everything is handled: the meter is changed, the note durations are expanded or contracted appropriately, and in a twist that shows Jari’s attention to detail, objects such as Expressions, Chords and Smart Shapes are automatically repositioned appropriately.

You have the option of changing the current tempo or preserving the current tempo (e.g. metric modulation) as part of the transformation.

The Compound Meter category lets you convert straight time signatures with triplets to compound time signatures based on groupings of three, e.g. triplets are converted to non-tuplets. Duplet patterns can be converted in various ways. Of course, you can also use this tool in reverse, to convert a bar of 12/8 into a bar of 4/4 with triplet eighths, for instance.

The plugin automatically handles beaming as these changes are made.

Transform to Contents  – this category has several productivity tools which can be very helpful in certain situations.

  1. Create Time Signature
  2. Use Displayed Time
  3. Free Time
  4. Bound Time
  5. Resize Contents to Signature

Create Time Signature analyzes the contents of the bar and creates a meter change based on it. So, a bar of 4/4 which was short by an 8th note could be converted to a bar of 7/8, for instance. Use Displayed Time utilizes Finale’s “Use A Different Time Signature For Display” feature, creating a meter that matches the actual content of the bar, but keeping the currently visible meter. Free Time allows you to create a cadenza with no time signature. The plugin can optionally hide the barlines of the selected region as part of this operation, and change bar numbering to what makes the most sense with the current display. Bound Time will reveal hidden elements again. Resize Contents to Time Signature can be used to sync free-form patterns to a specific time signature.

Last, but definitely not least, the Rhythmic Transformation category of the plugin allows you to create a notated swing (e.g. triplet-based) rhythm based on two straight notes, or change notated swing rhythms to straight notes.

Rhythmic Transformation also has a useful rests task which performs a number of useful functions: transform rests according to time signature, replace all rest tuplets, split compound rests to 2+1 and merge adjacent rests.

Jari Williamsson has put together an overview of the features in this video clip:

If you use Finale to create music notation, I know this plugin will prove to be a very useful addition for you, and will increase your productivity.

Windows download for Finale 2010-2014.5

Windows download for Finale 25 or later (64 bit)

Mac download for Finale 2010-2014.5

Mac download for Finale 25 or later (64 bit)


6 Replies to “JW Meter & Rhythm Plugin for Finale”

    1. Hi Achim,

      Finale 2025 requires a different format for plugins because of the 64-bit architecture. It looks like the JW Plugins are being updated for Windows first, then Mac to the new 64 bit format. There are currently a few of the plugins in the new format for Windows (including JW Meter and Rhythm) available in beta @ http://www.finaletips.nu/index.php/download/category/43-64-bit-windows-plug-ins-test. As of 10/31/16, these are:

      JW Accidentals
      JW Category Sorter
      JW Change Pitches
      JW Copy Part Layout
      JW Grace Note Slash
      JW Expand Region
      JW Instrument Change
      JW Live Sync
      JW Measure Numbers
      JW Meter and Rhythm
      JW Navigate
      JW Note Spacing
      JW Pattern
      JW Space Empty Rests
      JW Staff Polyphony
      JW Staff Set Panel
      JW Topline Notation

      Currently there are no available 64 bit versions of the plugins for Mac.

      The plugin author, Jari Williamsson has a Facebook page, which is the best place to learn information about when new plugins will be ready in the Finale 2025 format: https://www.facebook.com/jwpluginsforfinale

      Hope that helps!


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