Left Align Centered Text Within Sibelius Lines

Q: I’m trying to create a cue line that has text information in it. The problem is that I want the cue text left aligned. The only way to enter text and not a Symbol is to use ‘centered text’, but I don’t want the text to be centered. Any idea? I’m in Sibelius 7.5, Mac.

A: This is actually what I would consider a long standing design flaw in Sibelius, but fear not; there is a reliable workaround.
When you first create the text, you use the Centered Text button, enter the text. OK the Text dialog. The text will be centered in the middle of the line as shown above.

But now, locate the START radio buttons in the left side of the dialog. Select NONE and *then* TEXT and the text will jump to the start of the line.

That’s all there is to it.


for Massimiliano Lombardo

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  1. I’m trying to work out how you got to that window – and from which Line. It looks really useful. Could you possibly expand the post a bit? Many thanks.

    1. In Sibelius 6, Edit Lines is found in House Style > Edit Lines. In 7 or later, Edit Lines is the little square Edit box found at the bottom right hand corner of the Notations tab.

      The workaround is possible with any line that contains text.

      I created a new line based on the regular solid line (the one called simply “line”), made it dashed and horizontal and added a vertical line at the start and at the end which Sibelius calls a “Cap” – these I typically make -1.5 spaces. The “Centered” text is dropped by -1.75 spaces or so to clear the line and sits inside the enclosed line.

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