NotePerformer: No-Hassle, Inexpensive Orchestral Playback for Sibelius

You may already be familiar with Wallander Instruments Virtual Instruments (WIVI), which are known for their very expressive sound modeling capabilities. Wallander Instruments has just released NotePerformer – no-hassle, realistic orchestral playback specifically designed for Sibelius 7 and Sibelius 6 at an affordable price point (retail is $129.00)

NotePerformer includes an extensive collection of virtual instruments – section strings and solo strings, a comprehensive range of marching band and orchestral woodwind and brass instruments, pitched and unpitched percussion, saxophones, piano, harpsichord and, well, you get the idea.

When working in Sibelius, NotePerformer works just like the built-in sounds. Instruments are assigned automatically from your score, and you control them from the Sibelius mixer. The setup simplicity of the sample library is one of it’s biggest selling points. There is really nothing new to learn – everything is done within Sibelius. The collection uses your existing House Styles, Dictionary and Instrument Definitions, and you can switch between the built-in sounds and NotePerformer with one-click in Playback Devices.

Finally, NotePerformer has a very low CPU footprint. All instruments in the library use either synthesis technology or samples powered by Wallander’s patented technology for changing the timbral brightness in real-time, or a combination of the two. Large or complex scores should always play back correctly, even if your computer isn’t the latest and greatest.

Listen to the NotePerformer demos on SoundCloud, and visit the NotePerformer and Wallander websites for more information.




SibeliusBlog posted a detailed review of NotePerformer which even includes some demos reviewer Philip Rothman created using the collection.

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  1. Robert,
    I’d love to hear from a user of both Finale and Sibelius about how NotePerformer compares to Finale’s Human Playback. I’m going to see if I can determine from the website how possible it is for the user to control performance parameters in NP. I find it very appealing to work in ONE environment for notation and playback.

    I would love to hear any user reports about NotePerformer.


    1. Hi Jim – check out the review of NotePerformer on the Sibeliusblog – I know that Philip Rothman is also a Finale user, so he might be a good person to ask – he’s even put together some demos for the article.


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