25 Free Music Fonts for Finale

The Elbsound Music Fonts Package v1.11 is a free package with 25 music fonts for Finale, created by Jan Angermüller.

The package now includes four new music fonts for a total of 25, and has been updated with many improved symbols.

The fonts were tested on Windows 10 with Fin 2014, 2014.5 and 25 and MacOSX El Capitan Fin 2012, 2014.5 and 25.

According to the information on the Elbsound website, it should also be possible to use these fonts with Sibelius by using the “Maestro” font style.


Be sure to read the FAQ/Troubleshooting section on the download page which contains important information about creating FAN files, cross-platform compatibility etc.

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  1. a p.s.a. for anyone just getting around now to reading this: “v1.11 is a free package with 25 music fonts for Finale” is now v1.12 and not free. There is one free font, but there is now a modest price for the entire bundle, and an a la carte price. One appreciates the work that went into this collection

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