Add Borders to Text Items in Dorico Pro

🎬  This article is a transcription of one of the excellent tutorial videos posted to the official Dorico YouTube channel.

Presented here in written form with the kind permission of its creator, Anthony Hughes, this tutorial is titled “Add Borders to Text Items in Dorico Pro”…

Hello, I’m Anthony Hughes, and in this video I’d like to show you how to add a border to text items, here in Dorico 2, the advanced music notation software from Steinberg.

Add Text

You add text to a staff in Write mode, by making a selection where you would like to attach the text and pressing this button in the Notations toolbox,

or by using the key command Shift+X.

If you would like to create system text that will appear at system object positions in every layout, rather than just on one instrument’s staff, then use the key command Shift+Alt+X.

Add border

With the newly-added text selected, open the Properties panel at the bottom of the window and enable the Border property.

Border thickness (00:54)

If we switch to Engrave mode, more properties will be available to us.

Here we can enable the Border Thickness property to set the line width of the border.

Erase background (01:06)

If your text needs to overlap the staff, you can choose to Erase Background, giving a clearer appearance.

Padding (01:14

And you can also change the amount of padding between the text and its border. This can be useful when working with fonts with different metrics which might otherwise yield an unbalanced result.

You can set padding independently for the left, right, top and bottom sides.

Engraving Options (01:34)

And you can save time by setting the default value for padding around text and border thickness in Engraving Options,

at the very bottom of the Text page.

Engraving Options… > Text > Appearance

… I’m Anthony Hughes, thanks for watching.

Wie man in Dorico Rahmen zu Textobjekten hinzufügt | Einführung in Dorico 2

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