Announcing a new OF NOTE series – Dorico Tutorials by Anthony Hughes

If you are a music notation aficionado as I am, you’ve no doubt heard about Steinberg’s new music notation / score writer software, Dorico.

I’ve really been enjoying the series of video tutorials by Anthony Hughes on the official Dorico Youtube channel. As an early adopter of Dorico, I think Anthony has done a great job of breaking down Dorico’s user interface, key concepts and features of Dorico in a clear, easy to understand way for what is now over 50 video tutorials as of this writing,

To help me ramp up more quickly, and retain Dorico’s terminology and workflow, I’ve been taking  written notes when watching these videos.

Recently, the thought occurred to me that others might also benefit from these tutorials in written form; the transcribed contents of Anthony’s tutorials with some example pictures would be a useful  ancillary to Dorico’s official Youtube channel and a cool series for OF NOTE.

So, I reached out to Anthony for permission to post written transcriptions of his Dorico tutorial videos on the OF NOTE blog. Not only did he kindly give me his permission, he also emailed me his own notes so I could put this series together more easily for you,

Stay tuned. In the coming days and weeks, I will begin posting transcriptions of some of Anthony’s Dorico video tutorials (with example screen shots).

Whether you are already working in Dorico, or just interested in learning more about how its feature set and UI compare with Finale or Sibelius, I hope you will find the content of these videos as informative as I have, and the upcoming ancillary written transcriptions of them interesting and helpful to you.

I appreciate your support of the OF NOTE  blog. If you find it to be a useful resource, please consider subscribing to OF NOTE and .


6 Replies to “Announcing a new OF NOTE series – Dorico Tutorials by Anthony Hughes”

  1. Excited to see this series! I tried Dorico first in March where I found it unsatisfactory. I tried it again in December and was impressed with the progress. Ultimately it doesn’t quite suit my personal needs yet, but I know I will be buying it eventually

  2. Excellent idea Robert. Very useful to have that at your side whilst working on a project; something you can’t do with a video without constantly rewinding (I found!). Can’t wait.

  3. This is brilliant, thank you Robert. Being old school, I like to READ, and it’s easier (for me) to refer back to something in writing (typing) than rewinding. Personally it will also help me to then make my own summary notes from the transcriptions. Very excited and looking forward, Robert. Thank you very much.

  4. Hi Robert, I just discovered your Of Note website today and am so impressed with the amazing clarity and warmth of your writing as well as the helpful content. I’ve been using Sibelius for over a decade as a choral composer and haven’t found anything so helpful. Blessings and thank you!

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