Avid & Sibelius : The Founders Speak Out

July 20, 2012 – Today on the Sibelius tech support chat page, Ben and Jonathan Finn, the original founders and owners of Sibelius  posted this letter to Sibelius users:

“We were very concerned to hear earlier this month that Avid is terminating the jobs of the Sibelius development team in London and handing the software over to other programmers, apparently to cut costs. As far as we know, Sibelius continues to be extremely successful, so this cost-cutting is a response to financial problems elsewhere in Avid, not with Sibelius itself.

Ever since then we have been quietly trying to do everything we can to change this situation, including twice offering to buy Sibelius back from Avid. However, Avid has declined. While they haven’t given a reason, we assume that Sibelius is a substantial source of profits to them, so they don’t want to sell it to anyone.

We naturally feel very sad about this treatment of our friends and colleagues who have been key to making Sibelius a success, and who have become the world experts in this specialized field. We are also very grateful to the many Sibelius users who have expressed their concern and support; though at this point, it seems unlikely that any protests will change Avid’s mind.

We hope Sibelius nonetheless continues to be the world’s most successful music notation software.”

Ben & Jonathan Finn
Sibelius founders

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2 Replies to “Avid & Sibelius : The Founders Speak Out”

  1. Avid has made an ill decision to let go of the skilled Sibelius development team in Great Britain. Who is going to be hired to take over development? Will they be just as skillfull? Will they be just as artistic? Will they support and satisfy the needs of Sibelius users young and old, novice and advanced? The Avid decision does not feel good to me. Why cut off your good right arm in an attempt to run faster and leaner?

  2. Yeah, well, you were the greedy idiots who sold it to them. What did you expect, that they had anything in mind other than more and more corporate profits? Meanwhile you sit on your millions and mouth empty phrases to us poor users will probably end up with nothing. Enjoy your millions [ … ]

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