Quick Tip : Arpeggios in Sibelius

Q: I always create arpeggios by using the Line Gallery of the Notation tab in Sibelius.

Manually adjusting their length and the positioning is time-consuming and sometimes has to be redone after layout changes are made  in the score or parts. Is there an easier way?

A: Yes, there are also arpeggios on the fifth keypad layout of Sibelius (Jazz articulations), which can be added to chords either directly during note input or afterwards (similar to accidentals).

Arpeggios which are created in this way automatically have the correct length and maintain their horizontal alignment with the chord even when specific note positions shift within it.

A German version of this post („Arpeggien”) is available here.

Karin Vadon is a classically trained musician, singer-songwriter and music copyist from Vienna, Austria who authors a german-language music notation blog for Sibelius and Dorico users.

Custom Articulations

Q: I am studying the commercial template you created for Cinesamples and was wondering how you created those new tuplets in the Articulation part in the Engraving Rules in the Sibelius version of the template?


A: Sibelius has three user definable slots in the Articulations section of Edit Symbols (first two shown):


These correspond to the Custom Articulations 1, 2 and 3 in the fourth keypad in Sibelius, and show up in Engraving Rules > Articulations once defined.

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