Controlling the Layout when using the Finale Score Merger. . .

Q: I have several short pieces for brass quintet which I have merged together using Finale’s ScoreMerger feature. The pieces are all appended in the correct order, but each short piece is now on a separate page, which is not ideal, particularly for the parts. I would like these to appear like movements of the same piece, with each new piece starting on a new system, but on the same page as the ending of the previous piece, if there is space available. How can I make the pieces look this way?

A: If you have the “Treat as Independent Movements” option checked in File > ScoreMerger. . ., this option automatically inserts page breaks between each merged  / appended piece.

In the main program, if View > Show > Page Layout Icons is checked, you will see the page break icons in the top left margin of each new page. To remove these page breaks, select the Page Layout Tool, then right-click on the little move handle at the left edge of the first system on each page. When the contextual menu comes up, select “Delete Page Break”, which will allow existing music to move to the previous page. If you’ve already merged the pieces, you will need to do this for the start of each new piece.

Note that if the “Treat as Independent Movements” option is *not* checked in ScoreMerger, the next piece will appear consecutively as if it were the next bar in the score or part. If you have merged the pieces *this* way, (and don’t want each piece to begin on a new page, but *would* like each piece to start a new system),  select the Measure Tool, then double click the first bar of each new appended piece and check “Begin A New Staff System”, which will force the music to a new line, but not to a new page.

That’s it! That’s all there is to it.

for Kevin Ball

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  1. I have the absolute opposite problem that is being illustrated here. I used file merger to merge a number of movements. I wish to place each movement on a separate page, which it currently is not doing. I realize that I can go into each individual part and page break that way, but I’d like to save myself some time and energy and do it all at once through the score. When I attempt page breaks in the score, hoping to prompt page break in the parts, this simply does not occur. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Hi Daniel – Finale doesn’t have any specific tool that allows page breaks in the score to be realized in the parts.

      However, the Measure Attributes tool can get you part of the way there.

      In the Score, double click the first bar of the 2nd movement with the Measure Attributes Tool selected, and when the dialog opens, check Behavior > Begin New Staff System.

      You’ll notice some other “Movement” options in this dialog as well, for instance, Show Full Staff and Group Names (sometimes part of the house style when starting a new movement) and Break A Multimeasure rest. These breaks will apply globally to score and parts.

      You’ll also want to use some sort of System Text for Movement Numbers attached to the first bar of each new movement rather than page attached text since the score and parts will have different numbers of pages.

      You’ll still probably want to add a little extra distance above the start of each new movement in the parts, or in some cases, you may even want the subsequent movement on a new page, which you must do manually. but hopefully this will save you some time.

      Finally, enhancement of the current functionality for line/page breaks between score and parts would be an excellent feature request if you haven’t already made this request to MakeMusic.


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