Finale : Controlling Text Visibility Between Score & Parts

In observing the steps people go through to change visibility of text between score and parts in Finale, I thought a short tutorial post on the subject might be helpful.

Headers and other types of text are normally shared between the score and the parts, visible in both. The default setting is to show the text entered from the score view in both score and parts, whether page text, system text or a staff expression.

It is a simple key shortcut to Show or Hide individual occurrences of text  as you edit each part :


… However, this is a lot of extra steps, particularly in an orchestral score with a lot of parts. It is much easier to do this in a single step for cases where you want the visibility of all the parts set the same way, and the score set a different way.

Let’s say I have a piece of text that I want hidden in the score, but visible in the parts:

For instance, I don’t want to show the “Concert Score” text centered at the top of every page of score, but I do want to show the instrument name in the same location on every page of every part.

This is relatively straightforward to do in Finale:

  1. Go to score view
  2. With the Text Tool selected, right click on the text object you want to hide in score.
  3. Check Show if it is not already checked
  4. Select Unlink in All Parts
  5. Check Show again. It toggles to become Hide

To Hide Text in all the parts, while showing in the score, use the same steps, with the following minor difference: In step 1 above, (parts still linked), Hide *before* steps 2 &3 (all text hidden, unlink, toggle hide to show in score).

You should find that in many cases, this is less work than individually hiding text as you go, and you can still hide text in a single part (a duplicate dynamic in the part or whatever) on a case by case basis with the keystroke toggle.

Note that Link attributes apply to the current view only, and are not copied along with the visibility setting. For instance, while in score view, if you Unlink a bit of text from the parts, then uncheck *Show* it in the score and *then* copy that text elsewhere, the original bit of text will be visible in the part and hidden in the score, but the text that was *copied* will be hidden in both the score and the part.

You can choose the Show and Unlink / Relink contextual menu items from either the score or part views (although the option for ALL parts is only available from the score view).

Originally published 9/6/11

2 Replies to “Finale : Controlling Text Visibility Between Score & Parts”

  1. I have the opposite problem and this tutorial doesn’t help in solving it. When I insert text on the score on the part at the top of the system, it appears only on the first part when I extract the parts. I want it to appear on all extracted parts. Your tutorial makes it sound as though it links to all parts by default, but it does not. I want to make it appear on all parts when extracted, not hide it. Can’t seem to make it appear no matter what I do.

    1. Hi Paul – this tutorial is mostly referring to page Text created with the text tool. Both Page Text and System Text appear in both the score and all parts.

      It sounds like you are applying a type of Staff Text. Dynamics, Expressions and Technique Text are all Staff attached, which means that in the parts, this text will only show up on the staff it is attached to.

      Finale has three types of text Page Text, System Text and Staff Text. To have text such as Tempo Markings appear on all of the parts, you need to use System Text. Finale has three text types which are System Text: Tempo Text, Tempo Alterations and Rehearsal Marks. If you apply your text as one of those text types, it will show up in both the score and all of the parts (unless you hide it in one or more locations). Hope that helps!

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