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Have you noticed that a typical internet search doesn’t always produce relevant results for music notation? For instance, if you do a Yahoo, Bing or Google search for  “articulation”, you’ll get dozens of results, with none of them related to Finale or Sibelius, and only a handful related to music . . .

I hope you find this to be a useful resource…

Search Finale Sites is part of the Finale Resources Page at This is a quick way to search for answers to Finale related questions on the Finale forum, the Finale Blog and any of the MakeMusic family of sites. An added bonus – since the Finale User Guide is an online document, this search provides answers from the Finale User Guide!

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Search Sibelius Sites is powered by the Sibelius Resources Page of One handy use for this search is to quickly locate plugins on the “Extra Plugins for Sibelius” page on the Sibelius website, which has plugins listed by categories, but provides no way to search for them (as of July 2012).  Find answers posted in the Sibelius Help Center, the Tech Support Chat page and even the Sibelius Blog.  It also searches the family of sites, including Neuratron (Photoscore & Audioscore), M-Audio and Score Exchange.

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If you can’t find the answer to your notation question using the above focused search tools (also in the Sidebar), please leave me a comment here or email me – I’ll do my best to answer it for you!


11 Replies to “Find Plugins & Information about Finale & Sibelius QUICKLY”

  1. Your search does work well for finding plugins. If I had understood how it
    worked I would not have bothered with my alphabetical list. For one thing,
    it requires no maintenance!

    Anyway, nice search thing.

    Bob Z.
    (via email)

  2. Dear Robert, I have written a piano-duet score, 4 hands, Secondo is on the left side and Primo is on the right side.

    I cannot align the staves even I have tried everything as it is described in the book “Sibelius 7, Music Notation Essentials”.

    Can you help to solve the problem? Thank you.

    Best regards

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