How to Start Note Input in Dorico | Write Mode

ūü騬† This article is a transcription of one of the excellent video tutorials posted to the official Dorico YouTube channel.

Presented here in written form with the kind permission of¬†its creator, Anthony Hughes, this tutorial is titled “How to Start Note Input in Dorico”‚Ķ

Hi, I’m Anthony Hughes. I will be showing you how to start note input in¬†Steinberg’s new music notation software, Dorico.

First of all make sure you are in Write mode.

Note Input only works in Write mode, so if you are in any other mode‚ÄĒperhaps you have been adding your Players in Setup mode ‚ÄĒthen click on the Write button here on the toolbar, or press the key command Ctrl+2 on Windows (that’s Cmd+2 on Mac).

From here you have a few different ways to start input.

If you like to use the mouse, then you can simply double-click where you want to start note input. New scores only have one beat to start with, so we double-click here.

You will know that you are in Note Input because the orange caret and grid appear and let you know where the next musical item will be created.

From there you can then type the note names with your computer keyboard or MIDI keyboard to create them. I’m going to press C D E F G as the start of my great new composition. Notice how Dorico is lengthening the score to accommodate the notes when they are entered.

To exit Note Input, press the Escape key. You can now navigate through the music using the arrow keys, or by selecting an item with the mouse.

To deselect all items, press Ctrl+D on Windows, that’s Cmd+D on Mac.

And when nothing’s selected you can press one of the arrow keys and that will select the Ô¨Ārst item in the top-left-most corner of the music area.

When there is an active selection, you can also start note input by pressing Enter, or Shift+N.

If you like to see empty bars to write into, then that’s easy too. Of course, in order to have bars, we need to have a time signature. Over on the right-hand side of the Dorico window is the Notations toolbox where you will Ô¨Ānd all the various notations that you¬†need for your music,

‚Ķand I’m going to click this button that will open the Time Signatures panel

and allow me to input a 4/4 time signature that will be created at the position of the caret, so in this case, at the beginning of the score.

I’m then going to click this button to open the Bars and Barlines panel.

I’m going to choose End of Flow

and set this number to 22, then press the Input Bars button. Now I have 24 bars that I can input directly into with the mouse.

I hope this has been helpful to you. Please subscribe to the Dorico Youtube channel to see more videos like this. I’m Anthony Hughes, thanks for watching.


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