Increase cursor / mouse pointer visibility on Mac OSX and Windows 7

If you work on multiple monitors, or on a large monitor, you may find this tip for improving the visibility of the cursor to be helpful.

I often have more than one application open on my 30″ monitor, as I move between tasks throughout the day. On my setup, I sometimes lose track of the “Arrow” cursor, particularly when the mouse position drifts outside of the active program window. Additionally, certain applications have special cursors for specific operations which can be hard to see.  For instance, the notation program Finale has a “crosshairs” cursor for Speedy Entry that is easy to lose track of if you have a lot of screen real estate at a high resolution.

Fortunately, recent versions of both the Mac and Windows OS have a mechanism for increasing the mouse pointer / cursor visibility.

Mac: One the Mac, go to System Preferences… in the System row (4th row down), choose Universal Access, then click the Mouse tab at top of the dialog. Locate “For difficulties seeing the cursor” and move the slider to increase the cursor size.

Windows 7: Go to “Control Panel > Ease of Access >Ease of Access Center > Make the mouse easier to use”, and select one of the mouse pointer visibility choices.

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

Just changing the cursor settings slightly  can make a huge visibility difference. These are global settings, so you’ll be able to take advantage of them even when you are not working in your notation program.


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