John Hinchey’s Tips & Tricks for Sibelius on AvidBlogs

My friend and colleague John Hinchey recently wrote a series of tutorial posts for Sibelius over on Avid blogs. The title of the series is “Three Things” — There are actually four different articles in which he covers plugins, drumset notation, names and multi-rests, which I wanted to share here.

Plugins: The first post is on plugins.  Here he shows how to install, search for, and assign key shortcuts to plugins:

Three Things: Plug-ins

Drum Notation: the next post is about Drum Notation – drum set notation is a misunderstood topic, and John gets into how to create drum charts properly in this post, covering slash notation, rhythmic notation; even incorporating music from other staves as cues into drum set parts. This is a must read if you prepare drum charts.

Three Things: Drum Set Notation

Names: Next, is a post on names; all sorts of names. Instrument names. Part Names. Changing Instrument Names in a House Style. There is no reason not to have your instruments labeled just the way you like it, and this tutorial shows you how!

Three Things: Names

Fixing Broken Multi-bar rests: If you are a Sibelius user for any length of time, you have probably been puzzled at least once by why multi-bar rests break strangely in parts with no apparent cause. This excellent tutorial walks through all of the various things that can wreak havoc on your multi-bar rests in Sibelius and shows you how to take back control of your layouts.

Three Things: Fixing Broken Multirests

If you are a Sibelius user, I know you will find these excellent articles very useful.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Robert., and good stuff, John. It is not very often that useful stuff shows up on the Avid Blogs. Maybe that’s a good sign!

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