Point Release Update to JetStream Finale Controller

If you are already using JetStream Finale Controller, hopefully by now, you’ve had a chance to explore and enjoy many of its time-saving productivity functions, which range from simple tool and menu selection to multi-step productivity macros for Finale.

There are currently close to one thousand functions in the Stream Deck versions of JetStream, with almost 500 functions in the Keyboard Maestro version. The first point release update to JetStream v1 was released on November 1st.

Here is a list of the new features in the update:

Create Tacet (create full tacet parts, or tacet to end in a single part):

Polyphonic Laissez Vibrer / Let Vibrate ties:

Triangle Noteheads / Center Noteheads / Show Hide Ledger Lines:

Tone Clusters > Determinate:

Tone Clusters > Indeterminate:

A button for “Space Systems Evenly” was requested by a number of users, and this was added to the System and Score section of JetStream.

Also, “Show / Hide Ledger Lines” has been improved. It is now a single button which toggles, rather than two separate functions.

A small number of minor improvements were made as well.

For ongoing information about JetStream, join the JetStream Finale Controller Facebook Group.

Are you a Finale user who is not already familiar with JetStream Finale Controller? Here is additional information.

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