Left Align Centered Text Within Sibelius Lines

Q: I’m trying to create a cue line that has text information in it. The problem is that I want the cue text left aligned. The only way to enter text and not a Symbol is to use ‘centered text’, but I don’t want the text to be centered. Any idea? I’m in Sibelius 7.5, Mac.

A: This is actually what I would consider a long standing design flaw in Sibelius, but fear not; there is a reliable workaround.
When you first create the text, you use the Centered Text button, enter the text. OK the Text dialog. The text will be centered in the middle of the line as shown above.

But now, locate the START radio buttons in the left side of the dialog. Select NONE and *then* TEXT and the text will jump to the start of the line.

That’s all there is to it.


for Massimiliano Lombardo

JW Plugins for Finale 25 Mac (and Windows) Released

3/16/17 A number of long-awaited plugins from Jari Williamsson are now available in 64 bit versions for Finale 25 on Mac:
JW Accidentals, v1.11
JW Category Sorter, v1.01
JW Change Pitches, v1.08
JW Copy Part Layout, v1.04
JW Expand Region, v2.02
JW Grace Note Slash, v1.03
JW Instrument Change, v1.05
JW Live Sync, v1.02
JW Measure Numbers, v1.06
JW Meter and Rhythm, v1.14
JW Navigate, v1.10
JW Note Spacing, v1.02
JW Pattern, v1.10
JW Space Empty Rests, v1.06
JW Staff Polyphony, v1.12
JW Staff Set Panel, v1.02
JW Topline Notation, v1.07

Finale 25/Mac plug-ins download page:

(At the top of the page are install instructions)

In addition, these 10 plug-ins for Finale 25 are now available for both Windows and Mac:

JW Conceal Barlines, v1.02
JW Default Tuplets, v1.02
JW Indent System, v1.03
JW New Piece, v1.03
JW Note Ends, v1.02
JW Pattern Copy, v1.05
JW Rhythm Copy, v1.05
JW Split Groups, v1.02
JW Staff Pitches, v1.02
JW Tie, v1.03

Finale 25/Windows plug-ins download page:

Finale 25/Mac plug-ins download page:

Sibelius Textures : Scores, Parts, Versions & Ideas

Q: I’m doing a piano score on Sibelius and I accidentally hit some button that turned the score page “paper” into that ivory yellowish color. I just want it white again. I assume that I’m still on the orig. score page and this isn’t some alternate, “for printing only” version?

A: You can choose from a wide variety of graphics or colors for both your music and for your workspace background in Sibelius. Sibelius calls these “Textures”. The foreground for your music pages is called “Paper”. The background color or graphic is called “Desk”.  These Textures are user selectable.

Texture themes can be set differently for Scores and Parts. In Sibelius, the keystroke “w” toggles between the score and part views. With solo piano music, for instance, since the “score” and “part” share identical content, the different “Paper” and “Desk” Textures help you stay oriented by identifying which View you are currently working in.

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Using Aria Ambience & Convolution Reverb in Finale 25

Q: I recently upgraded to Finale 25 and I cannot get the Garrison sounds reverb to work. When I go to the Audio Units Banks and Effects window it tells me that Garritan Ambience is missing! Do you perhaps have any idea how I might resolve this?

A: The legacy Garritan Ambiance plugin is no longer installed or supported in Finale. If you are starting a new project, this won’t be a concern, as the new Aria reverb is incorporated automatically, but older projects may have been saved with the Garritan Ambiance plugin enabled.

The good news is that Aria’s Convolution Reverb and Ambiance are easy to incorporate into your updated Finale files. Let’s take a look:

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Create Drop Shadow Enclosures for Rehearsal Marks in Finale

In graphic design, a drop shadow is a visual effect consisting of a drawing element which looks like the shadow of an object, giving the impression that the object is raised above the objects behind it.

The “Reprise Rehearsal” font for Sibelius automatically provides this effect with a handwritten look:


“Finale Copyist Text”, “Broadway Copyist Text” and “Jazz Text” are handwritten look fonts from MakeMusic that provide a way to bracket text, although this is not technically “drop shadow”. See this related article.

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25 Free Music Fonts for Finale

The Elbsound Music Fonts Package v1.11 is a free package with 25 music fonts for Finale, created by Jan Angermüller.

The package now includes four new music fonts for a total of 25, and has been updated with many improved symbols.

The fonts were tested on Windows 10 with Fin 2014, 2014.5 and 25 and MacOSX El Capitan Fin 2012, 2014.5 and 25.

According to the information on the Elbsound website, it should also be possible to use these fonts with Sibelius by using the “Maestro” font style.


Be sure to read the FAQ/Troubleshooting section on the download page which contains important information about creating FAN files, cross-platform compatibility etc.

See also:

Finale 25.2 update available

Finale 25, released this last August, is one of the most successful and feature rich efforts from MakeMusic in quite awhile. The point release for Finale v25.1, announced only a couple of months later, surprised Finale users with a small number of useful new features as well as the usual incremental bug fixes.

Multiple free-of-charge releases are part of MakeMusic’s new continuous development and release initiative; e.g. they have announced that they plan to share bug fixes and new features more frequently rather than saving them up for a single larger release.

As it turns out, this free point release to 25.2 released today (12/08/16) also feels substantial, with a couple of very nice feature enhancements along with fixes for a number of bugs (some of which have been around for awhile). Let’s dive in.

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