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ūü騬† This article is a transcription of one of the excellent tutorial videos posted to the official Dorico YouTube channel.

Presented here in written form with the kind permission of¬†its creator, Anthony Hughes, this tutorial is titled “How to Work with Slurs in Dorico”‚Ķ

Hi, I’m Anthony Hughes. I’ll be showing you how to work with slurs in Dorico, the new music notation software from Steinberg.

Creating a slur on existing music is very easy. Simply select a note and press this button:

or use the key command S and a slur to the next note will be created.

For a longer slur, select where you want the slur to start and stop before you press S,

or click and drag using the mouse to make a selection.

To create a slur while in Note Input, click the button or the key command S at the point you would like the slur to start, and the slur will extend as you type more notes, up until the point that you press the key command Shift+S.

Where slurs are used to describe both articulation or bowing and more wider musical phrasing, you simply create more slurs and Dorico will automatically nest them appropriately.

You can create slurs between different voices on the same staff, … and even create cross-staff slurs.

Dorico intelligently places slurs and automatically detects whether they should be drawn above or below the notes. However, if you need to change the default behaviour, then it’s easy to do so using the Properties panel. Simply select the slur, then switch on this Direction property and choose the opposite direction.

This is also how you create s-shaped slurs.

The Properties panel also contains other useful features such as being able to set the style of individual slurs, useful for editorial work or when setting multiple verses of lyrics.

I hope this has been helpful to you. Please subscribe to the Dorico Youtube channel to see more videos like this. I’m Anthony Hughes, thanks for watching.


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